They’re back! A massive wave of migrants is on the march to the United States’ southern border. The group began its northward journey, last week, with its ranks growing to 10,000 strong. Unlike previous waves that attempted the crossing during the Trump administration, the Mexican government has helpfully supplied the foreign visitors with temporary visas allowing them to casually disperse and legally traverse the country unimpeded by Mexican authorities. American officials clocked 234,000 illegal attempts to cross the southern border in the month of April, alone. That number is expected to skyrocket over the summer into the fall.

Last week, during a Summit of the Americas, President Joe Biden unveiled his plan to ease the process. The administration vows to triple the number of migrants granted asylum in the United States, as well as boost the number of seasonal work visas granted to migrants from Central America and Haiti. While the administration insists that it opposes open border policies, Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, president of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, tells the Daily Beast that the administration deserves credit for “its plan to surge border resources and bolster shelter capacity.” Meanwhile, one Haitian pastor based in Mexico tells Fox News that his relief center located near the border has been overwhelmed by the thousands of Haitian immigrants who have decided to take their chances. Biden’s mixed signals are sending them a bright green light.