“If there’s a prosecution of Donald Trump for mishandling classified information, after the Clinton debacle,” Senator Lindsey Graham warns, “There’ll be riots in the streets.”  During an interview on Fox News’ Sunday Night in America, the South Carolina senator was emphatic.  “Most Republicans,” Graham insists, “believe when it comes to Trump, there is no law.”  Graham added darkly, “I’ve never been more worried about the law and politics than I am right now.”

The former Air Force military judge joins a chorus of legal experts who have denounced the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s heavy handed tactics ostensibly on behalf of the National Archives and Records Administration.  Former attorney general Michael Mukasey called the FBI’s search warrant “completely unfocused,” authorizing “the seizure of just about every piece of paper there.” The former George W. Bush White House law enforcement chief declared that James Madison, author of the Constitution’s prohibition against general search and seizure powers, “must be twirling in his grave like a pinwheel.”  Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy called the FBI’s carte blanche search petition, “what we have the Fourth Amendment to prevent.”  Famed criminal defense attorney and civil liberties advocate Professor Alan Dershowitz notes that the agents may have even exceeded their already “overly broad” raid by rifling through Melania Trump’s closet.

With whistleblowers coming forward with reports of the FBI bias and tampering across multiple elections, pursuing legal action against the MAGA maestro could ignite a literal firestorm.