Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have identified the culprit in the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi: the Republican Party.  A Washington Post headline blares: “Attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband follows years of GOP demonizing her.”  The intrepid sleuths note that Republicans have spent “$40 million on ads that mention Pelosi in the final stretch of the campaign.”  ABC News’ “Good Morning America” concedes that “no specific motive has been identified.”  Nevertheless, “the circumstances are eerily similar to January 6th attack, some bringing zip ties into the Capitol attempting to find officials and take them hostage.”

Zip ties are, unfortunately, a common weapon in the political terrorist’s toolkit.  This summer, a pro-choice activist traveled across the country from California to Maryland with the intent to assassinate the conservative Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh.  The would be assailant was apprehended carrying a Glock, extra ammunition, a knife, pepper spray, and zip ties.

Demonizing political opponents is also a robust bi-partisan pastime.  Former two-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, however, claims that blood stained fingers point solely at the GOP.  Taking to Twitter to denounce Friday’s attack as a “shocking, but not surprising” result, the Democrat blasted “the Republican Party and its mouthpieces” who “regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories.”  Sowing political division is, apparently, the cure to political division.  Ironic self awareness has never been a Clinton strength.