Former Fox News Channel and NBC Today Show host Megyn Kelly has advice for the New York Times: “Grow up” and “do your job.”  The veteran journalist, who hosts a daily two-hour podcast, tweeted her fury at being included in the Grey Lady’s line up of conservative politicians and journalists whom the paper accuses of spreading “misinformation” regarding the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi.  Over the weekend, the Times published a dossier of prominent right wingers and their alleged crimes against truth, complete with a rogues gallery of names, photos, and offenses. Kelly stood accused of having “raised doubts that all facts were being disclosed.”

Kelly is, of course, guilty as charged.  Very few facts of the strange case of David Depape’s assault on Paul Pelosi have been disclosed.  Law enforcement refuses to release a transcript or audio recording of Pelosi’s emergency call to 9-11, body camera footage from the responding officers, or to explain why the Pelosi’s home security system failed to activate. Many members of the unwashed masses who lack press credentials or media lawyers have noted the many strange discrepancies and the media’s abrupt retractions of initially provocative details.

On Monday, Speaker Pelosi indicated to CNN that she may soon retire from public office. She can return to private life secure in the knowledge that the mainstream media will continue its dogged commitment to benign neglect.