Former President Donald J. Trump is gearing up for his big return to center stage on Capitol Hill, next month, for the final act of the “The Insurrection Show.”  The congressional committee investigating the January 6th, 2021, riot has sensationally sent formal summons to the MAGA master to appear before the official inquisitors, under oath.  Trump nemesis and vice chairman of the committee, Republican Congresswoman Lynne Cheney tells NBC News that the interrogation “may take multiple days,” but will be conducted “with a level of rigor and discipline and seriousness that it deserves” — which, if you ask the public, is very little.

Despite its best efforts to convict Trump in the court of public opinion, the committee is losing the blame game.  Americans are now even less convinced of Trump’s guilt.  A new poll conducted by Monmouth University asked: “Do you think Donald Trump is (a) directly responsible for January 6th, (b) encouraged those involved in January 6th but was not directly responsible for their actions, or (c) did nothing wrong regarding January 6th?”  Just over a third (36%) say Trump was directly responsible for the mayhem, down six points from 42% in June.  One third (33%) holds Trump blameless, up from 30% in June.  Meanwhile, over half (54%) say it’s time for the committee to “wrap things up as soon as possible.” Time for the show to move on.