The superhero of the moment, Elon Musk, needs an alter ego. Clark Kent was superman; Elon Musk is …Gigaman, the inventor of Tesla’s increasingly ubiquitous Giga-factories. They keep popping up worldwide like the alien landings from H.G. Well’s ‘War of the Worlds’.

Our superhero is on a quest for human domination of the Universe. Using his Space-X company, Musk - sorry Gigaman - has set his sights on sending his giant Starship rocket to Mars. The aim is to build the first extra-terrestrial, self-sufficient colony, so that humanity can flourish even if the people of Earth contrive to destroy themselves. However, in the short-term Gigaman has ‘modestly’ set his sights on just saving planet Earth. Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3 proposes a ‘path to reach a sustainable global energy system through end-use electrification and sustainable electricity generation and storage.’

This month, Gigaman broke ground on his fifth Giga-factory in Mexico. He arrived with futuristic shovels in Tesla’s about to be launched Cybertruck - a comic-book, ‘bad-ass’ pickup truck, which our superhero has described as ‘sick’. (‘Sick’ in modern day street slang means great). Cybertruck, like Batman’s Batmobile, is the perfect vehicle for our superhero. Another Giga-factory may follow in India or South Korea by the end of the year.
With the Tesla Model Y, Gigaman already produces the world’s biggest selling car and is on track to become the world’s largest auto manufacturer. Tesla, the world’s only start-up conglomerate, also aims dominate heavy trucks, static power generation and grid management (Megapack), energy distribution through Tesla’s supercharger network, FSD (Full Self Driving), the world’s most complete real world Artificial intelligence (AI) software, AI chips and supercomputers with the recently built and blindingly fast 362 teraflop D-1 chip which holds 50 billion transistors on its 6.5cm square silicon surface, and humanoid robots which are forecast to exceed humans in number.

It is a supercomputer and AI arms race that has put him into conflict with five of the world’s eight largest companies and their founders or CEOs; Tim Cook (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Page (Alphabet - Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), and Mark Zuckerberg (Meta-Facebook). Gigaman, like all comic book superheroes, needs super villains to best display his superpowers.

In the last week Gigaman has unearthed a dastardly new super villain, namely hedge fund legend George Soros, ‘the man who broke the Bank of England’. The super-liberal Soros has developed a masterplan to undermine democracy in the United States. In the last 7 years, Soros supported SuperPACs have reportedly intervened financially to support ultra-liberal District Attorney candidates on at least 70 occasions.

Thus, in a super-rant on Tuesday, Gigaman tweeted, ‘Soros reminds me of Magneto’. (For the less informed readers on comic book villains, Magneto is a fictional subhuman mutant, a product of the holocaust possessed with superhuman abilities.) According to Gigaman, Soros ‘hates humanity’ and is attempting to ‘erode the very fabric of civilization’ by supporting illegal immigration and the crime that it generates.

Arguably, Gigaman may be right in his characterisation of Soros; born in Budapest in 1930, Soros survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary. If that was not enough to damage him, at a dinner in Aspen, Colorado, Soros’s older brother Paul Soros, a self-made civil engineering billionaire, gave me another reason for his brother’s warped character; ‘Poor George,’ he confided to me, ‘He was always the Blacksheep of the family and never achieved anything until he was 40’ - (the age at which Soros set up his first hedge fund).

Gigaman’s excoriating condemnation of Soros kicked up a twitter storm. Aggressive liberal journalists such as Brian Krassenstein have implied that Musk is antisemitic because Magneto’s fictional back story is that of a mutant Holocaust survivor. Even Gigaman, who self describes as a ‘pro-semite’, admitted that his name for Soros, Magneto, because of his fictional Holocaust backstory, was perhaps badly chosen. Echoes here of Hitler’s racial miscegenation laws. Perhaps Superman’s comic book adversary, Lex Luther, would have been a better choice of alter ego for Soros.

Nevertheless, Alan Dershowitz, who became America’s most famous lawyer after twice successfully defending murder charges against my now deceased pal, Claus Von Bülow, strode to Gigaman’s side. In an article for The Wall Street Journal, Dershowitz wrote that Soros’s Jewishness ‘shouldn’t shield him from criticism.’ He goes on to argue that Soros’s support for Human Rights Watch and J Street, has done more than any other individual ‘to damage Israel’s standing in the world.’ By comparison Musk, ‘has shown no hostility toward Israel or the Jewish people.’ Dershowitz adds that Soros is a ‘pernicious influence’ because of his funding of anti-law-enforcement District Attorneys in the US.

Gigaman, like Batman in Gotham City is a polarizing figure. Despite voting for ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden at the last election, Elon Musk, a self-confessed centrist, is now hated by the left. In purchasing Twitter, Gigaman has helped push back the ultra-left-wing domination of social media. His disintermediation has done to legacy social media owners what Fox once did to the legacy TV and cable channels.

Indeed, by sacking three quarters of Twitter’s woke employees, Gigaman has re-established Twitter as the open ‘Town Square’ debating chamber of the western world. Moreover the dumping into the public domain of the Twitter Files proved that Donald Trump’s complaints about the FBI and the ‘Deep State’ plot to unseat him were not delusional. The former president and other Hilary Clinton ‘deplorables’, such as Jordan Peterson, have been invited back to the Twitter platform.

More recently the attempt to mute America’s most watched political commentator, Fox TV’s Tucker Carlson, has been reversed. Tucker will now relaunch his free-thinking news show on Twitter. In recent weeks, Gigaman has broken other seminal news stories on Twitter’s ‘Spaces’, including the announcement that Ron DeSantis that he will run for President in 2014.

Soros may control his Open Society Foundation, but it is Gigaman who is the true champion of an open society. As Ellen Beth Gill, liberal lawyer and businesswoman has written, ‘Musk seems to have internalized Rand’s fantasy worlds’ as seen in her libertarian masterpieces The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Gigaman is the epitome of Rand’s main characters who stand for individualism against corporate ossification. As with John Galt, the mysterious hero of Atlas Shrugged, Gigaman is the superhero, who, through his purchase of Twitter, may save us from the pervasive woke culture that has come to dominate government, major corporations, education, the deep state, and the media. Our superhero is a fearless defender of free speech. As he told a CNBC interviewer last week, ‘I’ll say what I want to say and if the consequence of that is losing money, so be it.

Gigaman versus Magnito may appear to be just an amusing spat between billionaires, but there is a serious point to this story. In Tesla, Elon Musk may have initiated a technological transformation of Earth, but his more important legacy may be his superhero Twitter fight against the super villains who have tried to impose a leftist woke monoculture on the West.